A wide range of products

JFK can provide a wide range of fish from Cod, Haddock and Saithe frozen at sea to land processed products from the largest fish factory in The Faroe Islands.

What all of our products have in common is a deep respect for the ocean and a passion for sustainable fishing.

Frozen at Sea

Steps are taken at every juncture of the fishing process to ensure that JFK’s frozen-at-sea products are as fresh as possible. Frozen-at-sea has been called “fresher than fresh,” because within four hours from leaving the sea the fish is processed and frozen.

We deliver headed and gutted fish as well as shatter packed fillets.


JFK runs the largest fish factory in the Faroe Islands named Kósin. It is located in Klaksvík, a town known for the it’s strong and long tradition as largest fishing town in the Faroe Islands. Here freshly caught fish are delivered straight to the factory from local fishing vessels owned by JFK.

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